How did this project start?

This project started as a collaboration between medicinal herb practitioners and researchers in Oregon who were fielding questions from the community on how to access locally produced medicinal herb ingredients. We quickly realized the need to assess the demand for domestically produced herbs and provide targeted research on crop production practices to support local farmsContinue reading “How did this project start?”

Candidate Crop Selection

There are many factors that go into selecting appropriate crops for further research. Crops need to be well-suited for the growing region’s weather and soil conditions. Some crops are also eliminated because they are considered invasive and likely to become a noxious weed in future years if introduced to that area. Next come market concernsContinue reading “Candidate Crop Selection”

Why medicinal herbs?

Developing medicinal herbs as crops in the PNW is important for several reasons. Having additional species to grow allows farmers to diversify their crop rotations to avoid problems such as plant disease, pests, and excessive tilling. Some medicinal herbs are appealing crops because of their high per-acre market value. These plants also create a newContinue reading “Why medicinal herbs?”

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